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Project: Assembling fitspirational bodies: Social media and gender identity work
Responsible researcher: Professor Helen Cahill
Student researcher: Josie Reade

1. I consent to participate in the research project named above, the details of which have been explained to me, and I have been provided with a written plain language statement to read and download. *
2. I understand that the purpose of this research project is to investigate how women experience their bodies and gender in relation to the digitally mediated ‘fitspo’ phenomenon. *
3. I understand that my participation in this research project is for research purposes only. *
4. I acknowledge that the possible effects of participating in this research project have been explained to my satisfaction. *
5. In this research project, I understand that my Instagram posts will be observed once a day, every day for a three-month period. *
6. I understand that during the three-month period of observation, screenshots and/or recordings of content I post to Instagram will be collected as data. This content may include images, videos, captions, comments and hashtags as well as the time and location of posts. *
7. I understand that content I post to Instagram that is collected as data may also be included in public outputs arising from this research project. Public outputs may include the thesis submitted by the student researcher, written publications (e.g., journal articles and books) and conference presentations. *
8. Would you like your face blurred if any images or videos of you are included in public outputs? *
9. In this research project, I understand that I will also be asked to participate in two interviews where my responses may be audio recorded (if the interview is conducted in person or over the phone) or recorded through screenshots (if the interview is conducted on Instagram through exchanging direct private messages). *
10. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw from this research project at any time without explanation or prejudice and can withdraw any data that I have provided. *
11. I understand that data from this research project will be stored at The University of Melbourne and will be destroyed five years after the last public output arising from this project or a closely related research project where the data was used. *
12. I have been informed that the confidentiality of the information I provide will be safeguarded subject to any legal requirements and my data will be password protected and accessible only by the named researchers. *
13. I understand that after I click or tap “I consent”, this electronic record of consent will be retained by the named researchers. *

HREC: 1749698.1; Date: 30/10/17; Version: 1.2
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